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Last Modified: 21st January 2019


This site is running on an Amazon Cloud LightSail server.

SSL certificate obtained from https://letsencrypt.org/

However, since I have enabled CloudFlare on my site the end user connection is made between users browser and CloudFlare.

It is fairly easy to get SSL certificates these days and there is no reason why sites continue to serve traffic over HTTP. CloudFlare has a free plan that can be used by just about anyone. Switch to HTTPS for all your sites and make the internet more secure.

Read more about this site and how it was set up here.


This information provided by posts or pages on this blog website (blog.skbali.com) is to be used by visitors at their own risk. Most of the code shown here is sample code. The code is listed to demonstrate a procedure or how to accomplish a certain task. By no means any claim is made that the code is error free or the best possible code to accomplish the task. It is the reader’s responsibility to research, optimize and develop the correct code to solve or accomplish the task they are working on.

If the post is not about sample code, but lists a procedure or steps to accomplish something, then too it is the readers responsibility to research and find the appropriate procedure or steps that would apply to them.

Previously published posts may from time to time be modified without notification. It is possible that published posts may contain out of date information or dead links (external or internal), it is the readers responsibility to obtain the most current and relevant information.

There will be no compensation to anyone in any form for losses incurred by making use of any information found in any posts or pages or comments on this blog site (blog.skbali.com).


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