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My First go Lambda Function

Background Updated post and migrated to Hugo Site. Python is an easy to read language and has great support and libraries in the developer community. Most...
Athena Search

Analyze Apache Logs Using Athena – Part II

In my earlier post, I demonstrated how one could copy their Apache log files to S3 and then use AWS Athena to query the...
Cookie the Pom

Analyze Apache Logs Using Athena

I usually use Linux utilities like grep and awk to analyze requests coming to my blog server. These utilities provide a good view into...

Set Retention For CloudWatch Logs Using A Lambda Function

Updated and migrated to new Hugo Site. In one of my earlier post, I demonstrated how one could set retention for CloudWatch Logs using CLI...

Build and Push Docker image to Amazon ECR

Background In this post I am going to share a bash script that I use to build a docker container image from a Dockerfile and...
S3 with default SSE

Create S3 Bucket using Terraform

Updated on 17th June 2022. Tested build with Terraform version 1.2.3 and the latest AWS Provider v4.19.0. The latest provider has some changes related...