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My First go Lambda Function

Background Updated post and migrated to Hugo Site. Python is an easy to read language and has great support and libraries in the developer community. Most...

Lambda Function To Stop Long Running EC2 Instances

Background Updated and migrated to new Hugo Site. While working in my personal AWS account, sometimes I forget to shut EC2 instances down. Most of these...
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Site Monitoring Using A Lambda Function

Background I use a site monitoring service, which allows me to monitor my site by running a check every 5 minutes. When the site is...

Set Retention For CloudWatch Logs Using A Lambda Function

Updated and migrated to new Hugo Site. In one of my earlier post, I demonstrated how one could set retention for CloudWatch Logs using CLI...

Lambda Function To Remove Old EC2 Instances

Background The firm where I am working right now has a strong emphasis on security for infrastructure in the public cloud. One of the security...

ECS Container state changes

Amazon Elastic Container Service - ECS allows you to easily run and scale containerized applications on AWS. You can launch multiple containers in matter...